The Festival

Promoted and organised by Thesis and Assoprosa Pordenone in collaboration by public and private bodies, the Dedica event is centred round a person from the world of culture and is proposed without aiming to be celebratory but with the stated goal of paying tribute to his or her artistic journey. Dedica also provides an opportunity to plot an all-round itinerary that starts out from the featured author and lands in his or her geographical, historical and cultural spheres, an itinerary undertaken to see, hear, get to know and recognise oneself in others and in other cultures, to break through confines into different languages and modes of artistic expression.

The tenth edition will be dedicated to the Algerian writer Assia Djebar, one of the leading figures in international women’s literature concerned with themes such as identity, the status of women in Islam, religious fanaticism, the meaning of writing and the role of the intellectual in civil society.

The “Djebar itinerary” will have as guides, as well as the writer herself, the living raï music legend, Cheika Remitti, two outstanding Italian actresses, Laura Curino and Licia Maglietta, images from a film that won an award at the Venice Film Festival, the band Nasrine with dancer Sabah Benziadi and two new books: “Dedica a Assia Djebar” and “Queste voci che mi assediano”.