Traditional dance and music from India with the group Dhoad
Rahis Bharti, tabla, voice
Amrit Hussain, tabla, voice
Kutle Khan, castanets, bhapang, jews harp, voice
Barkat, dholak, voice
Gulam Ali, harmonium, voice
Mohammed Bilal, castanets, voice
Munshi, fakir, acrobat
Leela, sapera dancer

The group Dhoad comes from the wild, magnificent Thar desert in Rajastahan, a region located in northwestern India, on the Pakistan border, and whose name means Land of Princes.


Perhaps due to the aridity of the environment, ever since ancient times the inhabitants of this area have left the beauty of their native land behind. Moving west, reaching even Europe, they gave rise to the migration of the Rom people.
Dhoad is a group of musicians that faithfully embody the authentic gypsy tradition: nomads belonging to different religions and different castes such as the Sapera-Kalbelya (snake charmers) and the Langa (famous poets), but also classic Sufi musicians, storytellers, street artists.


Their show is in fact a veritable musical circus. These musicians give life to an enchanted world that includes dance, fiery acrobatics, balancing acts, juggling… The atmosphere is somewhere between dream and reality, carrying us back in time and evoking the spirit of the ancient caravan routes. The pulsing rhythms of this traditional music recall the rich mystery of a timeless land. Dhoad has performed in collaboration with Arab, Spanish, Italian and African musicians, and has taken part in music festivals throughout Europe.
Their first CD “The Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan” came out in 2005, for ARC Music label.


“The Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan”, Arc Music (2005).

Saturday 11 March, 21:00

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2