Collateral Events


with Moris Sene djembé and vocals, Donatus Lunga doundoun,
Ndene Seck sabar and vocals, Moustapha Fall djembé,
Tomaso Matta djembé and doundoun, Apollo dancer.

Africa Chiossan (which means “culture and tradition” in the Wolof language) is a group of five percussionists from Senegal and Italy. Their musical repertoire consists of rhythms, songs and dances from Senegal and West Africa.

Each of their concerts is a voyage: the rhythms of the djembé, sabar, doundoun and balafon – the instruments played by the members of the group – accompanied by traditional dancing, are a constant part of day-to-day life in Africa. The group’s concerts offer an explosive crescendo of traditional black African music.


Africa Chiossan
is a Cultural Association  founded in 1996 by Senegalese musician Moris Sene. The main aim of Africa Chiossan is to bring to the public a knowledge of Senegal’s musical tradition and culture while at the same time focusing our attention on the need to share different of ideas and lifestyles.

Thursday 17 April, 18:00

Meduna Shopping Centre

Pordenone - Via Musile, 9/32