Dedicated to children


A stage reading of the story by Nadine Gordimer
adapted and dramatized by Ketti Grunchi
with Ketti Grunchi and Valentina Brusaferro
live music by Rachele Colombo
choreographed by Laura Scudella
produced by Thesis/Dedica Festival


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Nadine Gordimer in Safari estremo (“Extreme Safari”) shows us what war means to a child who finds herself in the middle of the fighting.


The main character is a ten year-old girl who, using the language of a child, recounts the events that devastated her life and that of her entire family: three younger brothers who, having lost first their father and then their mother, are looked after by their grandparents. All together, they begin the long trek to find refuge in South Africa, crossing the vast expanse of the Kruger Park, the largest and best-known in South Africa, famous for its elephants, antelopes and many other marvellous wild animals. Notwithstanding the war, the little girl does not lose her liveliness, her courage and, most importantly, her ability to dream.


Ketti Grunchi
a graduate in Scholastic and Pedagogical Psychology, has worked in the theatre since the early 1980s: as a dramatist, actress and director, she has extensively researched the field of theatre in relation to childhood, working in close contact with children and their teachers in experimental school projects.


Valentina Brusaferro
began her career an actress in 1996. For many years, she has worked with La Piccionaia – I Carrara in Vicenza, staging productions aimed at younger audiences. As an expert in the theatre, she now conducts theatre workshops at schools at every level – Kindergartens, Primary, Middle and High Schools.


Rachele Colombo
has been a singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer since the early 1990s. She has always been fascinated by African and Far-Eastern cultures, and studies percussion with artistes including M. Metzler, A. Demirbag and Burhan Ocal. She is now a member of the traditional music group “Calicanto”, which gives concerts in Italy and throughout Europe.


Laura Scudella
is a dancer, and has worked with Carolyn Carlson and with Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bretoni. She is a member of the Abbondanza-Bertoni Theatre Company, with which she dances in “Mozart Hotel” Laura teaches creative, contemporary and Contact Improvisation dance.

Wednesday 16 April, 18:00

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13