Inauguration of an exhibition of cartoons
by Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli
based on the novel by Paul Auster
presented by Luca Raffaelli
with the participation of Paul Karasik and Paul Auster

Paul Auster’s City of Glass is the basis for one of the most original graphic novels – not a traditional comic strip, but a new story-telling medium which creates an intimate and intricate bonding of words and images.


The various drawings illustrate the complexity of the project: an intriguing and innovative illustrated story which blends the fascinating theories of Paul Auster concerning words, life and chance, with innovative and often genial graphic and narrative concepts that represent states of mind rather than the events themselves.


City of Glass is included as one of the 100 most important graphic novels of the twentieth century in the magazine “Comics Journal”, and extracts from the series are included in the Norton Anthology of Post-Modern Literature.


The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Vastagamma Cultural Association.


Paul Karasik
an American graphic designer and cartoonist, has published his works in “New Yorker” and “Nickelodeon”, and teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design and the School of Visual Arts. Together with John Carlin and Brian Walker, Karasik edited the anthology Master of American Comics; working with David Mazzucchelli he published City of Glass, and, with his sister Judy, The ride together: a brother and sister memory of autism in the family.



David Mazzucchelli
began his career as a graphic artist for Marvel and DC Comics during the 1980s. He found personal success with his two splendid min-serials based on texts by Frank Miller: “Batman: Year One” and “Daredevil: Born Again”.  In  1991, together with painter Richmond Lewis, he founded the magazine “Rubber Blanket”, and later published his works in major magazines including “The New Yorker” and “The New York Times”.
In Italy, as well as City of Glass (1995), he worked with Paul Karasik to produce Big Man (2000), Discovering America (2001) and Phobia (2003). Mazzucchelli lives and works in New York, where he teaches graphic design and dramatization at the Rhode Island School of Design and at New York’s School of Visual Arts.



Luca Raffaelli
journalist, essayist and dramatist, is one of Italy’s foremost experts in the field of comic strips. He has published collections including Il fumetto (1997) and Le anime disegnate (2005), as well as numerous books for children. He also worked with Dario Fo in dramatizing the feature film Johan Padan. Raffaelli is currently artistic director of a number of important international cartoon festivals. He contributes to the Italian daily “La Repubblica” and is editor of the series “Classici del fumetto” (Classic Comic Strips).

Sunday 22 March, 11:00

Municipal Building in via Bertossi