Conversation with Paul Auster and Antonio Monda
with exclusive video-Dedica by Wim Wenders


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Antonio Monda, in his conversation with Paul Auster, introduces us to the artistic world of the writer featured at the XV edition of “Dedica”, the way in which he lives his writing, his works and his meetings with other literary figures including the German director Wim Wenders who, in occasion of our festival, has created a special video-“Dedica” which was screened as an introduction to the conversation. This exclusive short is an ironic and affectionate literary overview which Wim “in the dark” Wenders, as the director likes to be called, has given the same title as the festival: Homage to Paul Auster.


Other important  information and details may be found in the publication Homage to Paul Auster which accompanies the festival and contains an interview conducted by Jonathan Lethem with the author, two essays  by Emanuele Trevi and Massimo Bocchiola discussing his literary works, and a previously unpublished short story that Paul Auster has very kindly brought to “Dedica”.

The publication can be purchased during the event or through this website.


Antonio Monda
teaches film directing at New York University and contributes to the cultural pages of the Italian daily newspaper “la Repubblica”. Monda has directed a number of documentaries and the feature film Dicembre (December). He is the creator and artistic director of the “Le Conversazioni” festival.
His published essays include La magnifica illusione (The Magnificent Illusion), Un viaggio nel cinema americano (A Voyage Through the American Cinema) (2003), The Hidden God (2004), Do you Believe? Conversations on God and Religion (2006) and his novel Assoluzione (Absolution) (2008).

Saturday 21 March, 16:30

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2