Collateral Events


The sounds, smells and colours of the Big Apple

New York is a magical city where everything seems to happen first. The present in New York is the future elsewhere – and this is why the Big Apple is so fascinating, stimulating and in many ways overwhelming.
But New York is also a city of neighbourhoods, shopping areas, flavours, music, comic strips, street animation and humanity in every size, shape and colour.
This is the atmosphere that the Meduna Shopping Centre has recreated as a homage to the world of Paul Auster.


The XV edition of the “Dedica Festival” once again sees the involvement of the Meduna Shopping Centre, which is the venue for one of the important events organized as part of the festival.
This much-appreciated spirit of collaboration brings together one of the area’s most dynamic shopping complexes with the Festival, and will without doubt contribute to the cultural development and the growth of the local area.

Sunday 22 March, 15:00

Meduna Shopping Centre

Pordenone - Via Musile, 9/32