Conversation with Paul Auster and Gianni Riotta


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New York, a crucible of different ethnic groups, a place for meetings and confrontations, a fulcrum for modern trends and creative projects, but also a city of contradictions and desperation: it is New York that inspires many of Paul Auster’s works and the city is also the focal point of Gianni Riotta’s memories and affections.

Their conversation leads us to the discovery of places and suggestions, moving through the past and present of the metropolis but without neglecting other stories and characters, as in the case of Martin Frost, the main character in the story written by Auster and published by Einaudi for the “Dedica” festival.


Gianni Riotta
graduated in philosophy in Palermo, and then in journalism at Columbia University. He has worked for “Il Manifesto”, “L’Espresso”, and for Italy’s national broadcasting service RAI. He was for many years correspondent and editorialist in New York for “Corriere della Sera”. He was also co-director of  “La Stampa” and since 2006 has been head of the TG1 (Italian national news). His many books include Cambio di stagione (Changing Seasons) (1991), Ultima dea (The Last Goddess) (1994), Ombra (Shadows) (1995), Principe delle nuvole (Prince of the Clouds) (1997), N.Y. Undici settembre (N.Y. Nine Eleven) (2001), Alborada (The Lights of Alborada) (2002), and La prima guerra globale (Global War) (2003).

Thursday 26 March, 20:45

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2