Dedicated to children


Reading from the children’s book
by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and Irene Dische
read by Chiara Carminati


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The Esterhazy family has lived in Austria for generations: it is a huge but at the same time tiny family. Huge because it has so many members, small because after such a long time without eating vegetables and instead filling themselves up with pastries (apple strüdel, Sacher cake and chocolates), the Esterhazy’s have become smaller and smaller.
When the young Esterhazy is sent by the head of the family to Berlin to seek a normal-sized wife and found a new great (and tall) family, he could never have imagined the adventures that awaited him. Luckily, there were people there to witness and recount his story.
Today, Chiara Carminati is here to read this story to all children who love tales of adventure.


Chiara Carminati
writes and translates children’s books, and conducts workshops and meetings in bookstores, libraries and schools designed to promote reading. As a specialist in teaching poetry, she conducts training courses for teachers and librarians, both in Italy and abroad. She works with illustrators and musicians in creative workshops and shows based on her own books. Her most recent publications include Luna di gelato sole caramello. La vita ha più sapore insieme a un fratello (with Simona Mulazzani, 2008), Storie Piccole (with Annamaria Curti, 2008), Le quattro stagioni (with Pia Valentinis, 2008), Poesie per aria (2009), Diario in corsa (2009), Rime per le mani (with Simona Mulazzani and Giovanna Pezzetta, 2009).

Friday 26 March, 16:00

Convento di San Francesco

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13