The city seal


During an official ceremony, the Mayor of Pordenone, Sergio Bolzonello, will present the City Seal to Cees Nooteboom.

This prestigious acknowledgement is bestowed “to people who highly honour the awareness of social issues, culture and politics”.
Before Cees Nooteboom other international protagonists of Dedica were presented with the City Seal: Amin Maalouf, Vassilis Vassilikos, Assja Djebar, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Anita Desai, Amos Oz, Nadine Gordimer, Paul Auster and Hans Magnus Enzensberger.


At the end of the ceremony, attention will be given and prizes awarded to the works carried out by students within the Words and images for Cees Nooteboom project, concurrent with the festival and addressed to secondary school students.


The City Seal
The City Seal represents a door, with two golden crowns overhanging it, wide open onto the river Noncello. The door symbolizes the importance of the town as a river port, that allowed easy connection and commerce with Venice and the Adriatic Sea, while the two golden crowns testify the town’s full judicial power. The door open onto the river nowadays has become the symbol of a town open to learning and cultural exchanges, in the sign of respect, tolerance and curiosity that should drive every citizen towards the discovery of “the other”.

Monday 14 March, 11:00

Town Hall