(Flowers and Freedom)
Concert with Claudio Cojaniz A.P.Trio and Maria Vicentini

Maria Vicentini, violin
Claudio Cojaniz, piano
Alessandro Turchet, double bass
Luca Colussi, drums

for Thesis/Dedicafestival

Event Partner: Malìparmi

Flores y Libertad is a journey through the songs of love and liberty of Hispanic tradition, in the form of original compositions inspired by that experience. The aim is to relive these symbols, not in the museum of memories but rather in real life, in a constant state of flux. These songs have a strong universal significance; they are screams of pain and demands for basic rights: frequently, they are simply poems expressing a love for life or for a person, set to delightful musical melodies. The intention is to make these songs sing in the language and using the instruments used by instantaneous composers, in joyous interpretative freedom. Not to furnish the world, but rather to represent it in a sincere and passionate manner; and, although it is probably a utopian idea, to rebuild it, beginning from those values which are universal and meaningful. Music, like poetry, is also a game, a serious game, just as children are serious when they are playing; a game that is such as to transform the horrors of the world into a smile.


Claudio Cojaniz


Claudio Cojaniz
Over three decades, pianist, organist and composer Claudio Cojaniz has accumulated extensive and varied experience in a wide range of fields, writing scores for films, dance, theatre and cartoons. As a composer, he won the Irino Prize in Tokyo in 1990 for Spheres, which was composed for the New Japan Philarmonic conducted by Koihiro Harada. His main focus has always been on African art, blues and the jazz music of Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk. His latest work is Songs of Africa, a duo with Franco Feruglio (CD Caligola, 2013).

Saturday 23 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission €8.00 (numbered seats)