(True stories)
Theatre reading from the collection of the same name by Javier Cercas
with Piero Steiner
live music performed by Tomàs Frauca
directed by Mercè Mas Framis
for Thesis/Dedicafestival

According to Cercas, the stories collected in his Relatos Reales (True Stories) discuss literature, cinema, friends and the normal and unusual events that occur during our lives, as well as a number of illustrious figures, some living and others who have died in obscurity, and various other things.
This is true, but there is another truth. I am currently working on a production of this work with Piero Steiner and, as our efforts at interpretation proceed, we feel ever closer to this author who tells us of his adventures; we begin to ask ourselves who exactly this personage may be.
He is without doubt a man who is (to use the author’s own words) “normal, ordinary, and thus a little neurotic; like me, a man accustomed to all that is ordinary and normal; and in any case, it makes no difference: a man to whom nothing magical or heroic or exceptional ever happens, this is exactly what happens”.
Perhaps it is in this that lies the greatness of this personage who, in spite of being just like the rest of us, lives reality for what it is: a thing of exceptional value, which it is a pity not to enjoy to the full.
This is the joyous and most important truth to be found in these works.

Mercè Mas Framis


Mercè Mas Framis
Between 1982 and 1992, Mercè Mas Framis was a member of one of Spain’s foremost independent theatre companies, where she worked as an actor and assistant director, studying under Philipe Gaulier and Monique Pagnou, professors at the “Lecqoc” school of stage acting in Paris.
In 1992 she founded the theatre course at the University of Gerona, where she is to this day director and production manager.


Piero Steiner
An actor and director living in Catalonia, and a graduate of the Theatre Institute in Barcelona, Piero Steiner studied Commedia dell’Arte with Carlo Bosso and Renzo Fabbris of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, with Philippe Gaurlier in Paris, Stefan Meta and Lilo Baur in London.
As an actor and director, he has won numerous important awards at international festivals.


Tomàs Frauca
began studying the guitar at the age of nine; his teachers included Jordi Matas, Alfons Carrascosa, Joan Díaz and Vicenç Solsona.
He later worked on a number of musical projects and orchestras, and played in several blues, jazz and rock bands.He has also worked as musician and composer on a number of theatre productions.

Tuesday 12 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission €8.00 (numbered seats)