(So far, so near)
The world of a storyteller
inauguration of exhibition of photographs by Daniel Mordzinski
with the participation of Daniel Mordzinski and Javier Cercas


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The exhibition Tan lejos, tan Cercas – il mondo di un narratore (So Far, so Near – the World of a Storyteller) is a pictorial illustration of the cultural and emotional universe of Javier Cercas.
Daniel Mordzinski’s photographs are a tribute to his author friend, and reveal a world of family sentiments portrayed in moments of ordinary daily life.
But as well as the more private, intimate aspects of his life, these photographs reveal to us the figures with whom Cercas felt a strong intellectual affinity – Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa and many others. Thereafter, the images depicting his journey from Girona to Barcelona show Cercas in some of the places where the events played out by many of the protagonists of his novels took place.


Daniel Mordzinski
Daniel Mordzinski was born in Buenos Aires in 1960, and is popularly known as the “photographer of writers”.
He has worked for more than three decades on his ambitious project for a “human atlas” of Spanish American literature. The Argentine photographer, who now lives in Paris, has photographed the most illustrious exponents of Hispanic literature, from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Mario Vargas Llosa and Luis Sepulveda. He has exhibited his works in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, France, Spain, Portugal, Israel and Italy. Mordzinski is also the official photographer of the “Hay Festival”, as well as graphics correspondent for the Spanish daily newspaper “El País”.

Sunday 10 March, 11:00

PArCo Spazi Espositivi

Pordenone - Via Gian Battista Bertossi, 9

Free admission

The exhibition is open from 10 March to 30 April.
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 15:00 – 19:00,
Sunday 10:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 19:00.
Closed on 31 March, 1 and 25 April.