Mise en espace from texts by Luis Sepúlveda
with Giuseppe Cederna and Bruno Arpaia
live music by Alberto Capelli
lighting designer: Luigi Mattiazzi
for Thesis/Dedicafestival


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The story is set during the years following Che Guevara’s death in Bolivia, the years of the long political campaign that will bring Salvador Allende to the Presidency of Chile and of the short Socialist experiment soon to be ended by Augusto Pinochet with a coup. Taking two short stories by Sepúlveda (Il campione, from Incontro d’amore in un paese in guerra, and Blue Velvet, which has just been published as part of his new book L’avventurosa storia dell’uzbeko muto) as a starting point, Cederna, Arpaia and Capelli guide the public through those years using pictures, words, music and the stories of fascinating characters; idealistic and even a little naïve young people, ready to give their all. «We were young and sure we were going to win, sure that what we were doing was important. We thought about what the Che had been through and went on. We had hundreds of spirits inside that made us strong. We thought we had history on our side», Sepúlveda wrote.


Giuseppe Cederna
is a theatre and cinema actor. He writes for “la Repubblica”, “L’Espresso”, “Meridiani” and many travel magazines. He worked with important film directors such as Bellocchio, Monicelli, Comencini, Scola and Salvatores. He was part of the cast of the Academy Award-winning film Mediterraneo. He is the author of Il grande viaggio (Feltrinelli, 2004), Alla scoperta delle sorgenti del fiume Gange, followed by Ticino. Le voci del fiume, storie di acqua e di terra (Excelsior 1881, 2009) and Piano americano (Feltrinelli, 2011).


Alberto Capelli
is a guitarist and a jazz composer, whose style ranges from mainstream jazz to radical improvisation, from pure flamenco to rock, funky and Brazilian music fusion. He has composed soundtracks for theatre, cinema and television. He played with Massimo Urbani, John Zorn, Joe Baron, Carla Bley, El Londro, David Sánchez, Antonio Rodríguez “el Chupete” and Manuel Pérez, among others. He is fascinated by the relation between words and music. He has a durable working relationship with Giuseppe Cederna and has recently composed the soundtrack for his new performance L’ultima estate dell’Europa (2014).

Saturday 7 March, 20:45

Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theatre

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2

Admission €8,00 (numbered seat)