Meeting with Manlio Graziano
presented by Cristiano Riva

Set in the heart of central Asia, Afghanistan is the crossroads between East and West. Until the nineteenth century, the country was central to the geographical strategies of the great world powers. As well as the external influences that on several occasions went as far as military intervention and even occupation, the Country underwent extreme ethnic fragmentation, with the result that it was transformed into a permanent war zone and a base and training facility for terrorist extremism. What can the future hold for this tormented land?


Manlio Graziano
Manlio Graziano is a lecturer in Geopolitics and the Geopolitics of Religion at the American Graduate School in Paris, at the Paris-Sorbonne University and at the Geneva Institute of Geopolitical Studies. He contributes to the Italian daily newspaper “Corriere della Sera” and the Italian geopolitical periodical “Limes”. He has published a number of essays including Frontiere (2017), Guerra santa and santa alleanza. Religioni and disordine internazionale nel XXI secolo (2015), Il secolo cattolico. Strategia geopolitica della Chiesa (2010), and Italia senza nazione? Geopolitica di un’identità difficile (2007).


Cristiano Riva
Cristiano Riva was born in 1961, and graduated in Classical Literature and Liberal Arts from the University of Trieste, where he was awarded a Research Doctorate in the Geohistory and Geopolitics of Border regions. As a scholar in Geopolitics, he has worked with the Universities of Pola, Trieste and Udine, and held courses and conferences for several institutes and associations. He is today a lecturer in Latin and Greek at the Liceo “Leopardi-Majorana” in Pordenone.

Friday 16 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Free admission