Screening of documentary film by Jenny Murray
with Dora María Téllez, Sofia Montenegro, Daisy Zamora, Gioconda Belli, Claudia Lopez Alonso and Monica Baltodano
Nicaragua/USA 2018, 96 minutes
Italian subtitles
comments and discussion with Riccardo Costantini,
Giorgio Tinelli and Gioconda Belli

¡Las Sandinistas! recounts the “forgotten” story of a group of women who made courageous life choices in order to fight for social reform during the 1979 Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, and the subsequent guerrilla action of the Contras, backed by the United States. Even after all these years, these same women continue in their battle for equal rights and justice, both of which are still severely limited by the current government.


Riccardo Costantini
Riccardo Costantini is a cultural expert and works for Cinemazero in Pordenone, where he is director of events and of the real-life cinema festival “Le Voci dell’Inchiesta”. He was previously a lecturer in Audiovisual Teaching Techniques at the Faculty of the Science of Training at the University of Trieste. He has curated a number of monographs on the subject of the cinema and photography (Fellini, Bergman, Losey, Moretti, Pasolini…). He is the author of numerous essays and has held courses and conferences on subjects relating to the world of cinema.


Giorgio Tinelli
Giorgio Tinelli is a political analyst and expert on Central and South America, and has carried out research and teaching activities in a number of universities and institutes in both Italy and Latin America.
He currently lectures and organizes seminars in various post-graduate programmes, including Masters’ courses at the University of Bologna’s faculty in Buenos Aires and seminars at the Sant’Anna High School in Pisa. He has published numerous essays and articles in national and international periodicals and collaborates with several radio and television programmes.

Tuesday 12 March, 20:45


Pordenone - Piazza Maestri del Lavoro, 3

Admission €6.00 (numbered seats)