The Festival

A “unicum” – a one-off event – which for the last twenty-five years has represented the very best of Italian literary events: this is the Dedica festival, whose original formula comprises an intense week-long programme of stage performances, conversations, cinema, music, articles and books – a veritable immersion in the world of the author, who is the central theme around which each edition of the festival is constructed.

In this way, Dedica offers the public the opportunity of gaining an exhaustive knowledge of the guest whose work is celebrated by the festival, going beyond the main body of their work per se to explore the thoughts, the cultural context and the various artistic forms expressed in their work in a variety of ways.


This year’s edition is dedicated to Gioconda Belli, the Nicaraguan author, poet and journalist. Gioconda Belli is an intense yet delicate storyteller with a style that is elegant and profound, expressing her thoughts in the form of a variety of subjects ranging from the emancipation of women to political involvement and to the link between the mystical aura of pre-Columbian America and the current situation in her continent of birth, which over the years has seen so many illusions and utopian dreams vanish into thin air.
She is also the author of a number of volumes of verses characterized by a sensual and feminine theme.


Conceived and organized by Thesis Associazione Culturale, the Dedica project is sponsored by a number of public bodies and institutions – in particular the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, PromoTurismoFVG (Regional Tourist Board), the Municipality of Pordenone and the Fondazione Friuli foundation – and is staged with the support of several major private organizations: the special partner Servizi CGN, Crédit Agricole FriulAdria and the Pordenone branch of UnipolSai Assicurazioni.