Conversation with Francesca Mannocchi
conducted by Alessandro Mezzena Lona

Khaled is a 30-year-old Libyan who took part in the revolution which ousted Gheddafi, but he was later betrayed by the same revolution. As a result Khaled, who had studied to become an engineer and hoped to help build a new State, began to organize boat trips across the Mediterranean, transporting men, women and children from legal and illegal prisons in which traffickers hold migrants waiting to leave the country, torturing and raping them and extorting money from their families. Khaled witnessed this, and on occasions even took part. He does it simply for money, but he does not feel as if he is a criminal. Because he lives in a country in which there seems to be no alternative to these criminal activities. Francesca Mannocchi, who has for many years researched migration patterns and conflict zones, gives us her testimony. Her words describe a world in which the line between good and evil is becoming ever thinner.


Francesca Mannocchi
Francesca Mannocchi is a freelance journalist working in the area of migration and conflicts, and collaborates with numerous Italian and international newspapers, including «L’Espresso», «Stern», “The Guardian”, «The Observer», Al Jazeera English. She has filed reports in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Egypt and Turkey. In 2016 she was awarded the “Premiolino” prize for journalism and in 2018 the “Giustolisi” award with her Missione impossibile (LA7) report describing the trafficking of migrants and Libya’s prisons. Working with photographer Alessio Romenzi, she directed the documentary Isis, Tomorrow, which was presented at the 75th Venice Film Festival. In 2019 she published Io Khaled vendo uomini e sono innocente and Porti ciascuno la sua colpa.


Alessandro Mezzena Lona
Alessandro Mezzena Lona is a journalist and blogger for “Arcane Storie”, and was for sixteen years editor of the cultural section of the daily newspaper “Il Piccolo”. He has also collaborated with “Corriere della Sera” and authored a number of literary essays. In 2013 he won the Premio Grado Giallo Mondadori with Non credere ai santi. His novels include La morte danza in salita. Ettore Schmitz e il caso Bottecchia (2014) and La via oscura (2015). Working with Mitja Gialuz he edited the volume Barcolana. Un mare di racconti, which won the Premio Speciale Marincovich in 2019.

Tuesday 10 March, 20:45

Convento San Francesco

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

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