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Conducted by Alessandro Cinquegrani

«In reality we travel not to understand the world, but to understand ourselves. We work continuously to overcome limits, internal barriers, despicable prejudices constructed through books and our own culture. When travelling you come across surprises that amaze you and overturn clichés. But I don’t know if I will manage to understand myself before I kick the bucket».
Paolo Rumiz


Alessandro Cinquegrani
Alessandro Cinquegrani is professor of Comparative Literature and Contemporary Italian Literature at the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. His volumes on literary criticism include Solitudine di Umberto Saba (Marsilio, 2007) and recently Il sacrificio di Bess. Sei immagini su nazismo e contemporaneità (Mimesis, 2018) and Romance e Shoah (Edizioni Ca’ Foscari, 2021), in which he poses questions about how evil is represented in fiction. He has also published the novels Cacciatori di frodo (Miraggi, 2012, finalist for the Premio Calvino) and recently Pensa il risveglio (Terrarossa, 2021). He writes for «L’indice dei libri del mese» and other literary and film criticism magazines.

Tuesday 19 October, 11:00

Università Ca’ Foscari

Venezia - Aula Magna Silvio Trentin - Ca’ Dolfin, Dorsoduro, 3825/E

Free entry, current Covid-19 regulations apply.
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