Dedica for University


Conducted by Sergia Adamo


Sergia Adamo
Sergia Adamo teaches Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature at the University of Trieste and intra-university courses with the University of Udine. She has worked as a lecturer and researcher at Cornell University-New York, the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, the Moscow State Linguistic University, as well as others.
Her research interests concern intercultural relations and relationships between literature and other cultural spheres (law, medicine, dance, cinema).
Her latest publications include: Altre storie/Other stories. Parole e immagini per raccontare le migrazioni del presente (2019).

Thursday 10 March, 17:00

Università di Udine

Udine - Via Gemona 1/5 - Palazzo Antonini, Aula 4 “E.L. Corner Piscopia”

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