(Ultimo discorso alla Società proustiana di Barcellona)
Poetry reading with Mathias Énard
introduction by Lorenzo Alunni
live music by and with Matteo Bianchini (clarinet and electronics)
and Gianluca Franchi (guitar)


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From Beirut to Damascus, from Russia to Tajikistan, from the Balkans to Poland and beyond. In his poems, Mathias Énard opens up the map of his writing territory and reveals its intimate geography. His tales in verse trace a path that combines real-life wanderings and the adventurous fantasy that he has accustomed us to in his great fictional frescoes. Mathias Énard’s verses represent a privileged gateway both to the workshop of his writing and to the experiences and emotions on which his literature rests, and this reading takes us to the heart of these worlds using poetry and music as a guide.


Lorenzo Alunni
Lorenzo Alunni is the author of the novel Nel nome del diavolo (2020) and an organiser of CaLibro Festival in Città di Castello. Together with Francesco Targhetta, he has translated the poems in Ultimo discorso alla Società proustiana di Barcellona by Mathias Énard (2020).


Matteo Bianchini and Gianluca Franchi
Matteo Bianchini and Gianluca Franchi are musicians in the band Snow in Damascus! with whom they have recorded the albums Dylar (2014), Unconscious Oracle (2018) and Unsocial Concourse (2019). Within their respective experience as composers, they have developed a special interest for the creation of original music for festivals and theatrical events.

Sunday 6 March, 17:30

Convento San Francesco

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

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