Conversation by Marco Aime with Arturo Pérez-Reverte

Giving an account of war, the abysses of men, being a witness to the unspeakable, is a complicated job. Arturo Pérez-Reverte became a journalist driven by curiosity about the human condition and then a war reporter, a journalist who, through various modes of expression (television, photography, writing), probes that which is human, grapples with different modes and models, and encounters distinct and at times complementary points of view. But what is news? All the more so if it is related to a conflict, and why is it so important – even today in the age of instant information – to know how to tell it?


Marco Aime
Marco Aime is a professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Genoa and has conducted research in the Alps and in West Africa. In addition to scientific articles, he has published children´s stories, numerous fiction texts and essays. His most recent include: Timbuctu (2008), Il lato selvatico del tempo (2008), Il diverso come icona del Male (with Emanuele Severino, 2009), L’altro e l’altrove (with Davide Papotti, 2012), La macchia della razza (2012), Cultura (2013), Etnografia del quotidiano (2014), La fatica di diventare grandi (with Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet, 2014), Tra i castagni dell’Appennino (with Francesco Guccini, 2014), Senza sponda (2015), Contro il razzismo (with Guido Barbujani, Clelia Bartoli, Federico Faloppa, 2016), Il soffio degli antenati (2017), Lampedusa, l’isola del non arrivo (2018), Pensare altrimenti. Antropologia in 10 parole (2020), Classificare, separare, escludere. Razzismi e identità (2020), Il grande gioco del Sahel (with Andrea de Georgio, 2021), Confini, realtà e invenzioni (with Davide Papotti, 2023), La carovana del sultano (2023).

Friday 22 March, 20:45

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