THESIS is a non-profit Cultural Association whose main purpose is to organise and promote initiatives connected with literature, art, theatre and music, with a particular focus on current, innovative topics and personalities that provide opportunities for broad-spectrum reflection.

The activities organised by Thesis also aim to involve young people and bring them closer to culture through the use of multiple specific initiatives targeting schools at all levels.

It began in 2003 on the initiative of what then was the Associazione Provinciale per la Prosa in Pordenone and inherited from this the project for the FESTIVAL DEDICA, the organisation of which became the main objective of the newly-formed Association, which was followed by the educational Project for upper secondary schools ADOTTA UNO SPETTACOLO.


The Association is run by volunteer members who deal with all the aspects, artistic, organisational, managerial/administrative and institutional, concerning the various activities. It employs one member of staff and external collaborators with extensive experience in the field of culture and the organisation of events.


Over the years, in addition to organising the Festival Dedica and Adotta uno Spettacolo, the Thesis Association has curated and created other projects also characterised by strong links with literature, music and theatre: animated reading for young children, book presentations and publications, series of thematic conferences/meetings, literary readings, photographic and art exhibitions. It has also provided proposals, managed and run events for bodies and institutions.

THESIS Association

  • President: Antonino Frusteri

  • Vice President: Annamaria Manfredelli

  • Board of Directors: Maria Dazzan, Antonino Frusteri, Annamaria Manfredelli,  Claudio Pedrotti, Andrea Visentin

  • Dedica Festival Curator: Claudio Cattaruzza

  • Anteprima Project: Andrea Visentin

  • School Projects Co-ordinator: Annamaria Manfredelli

  • Leggere con Dedica Project: Daniela Gasparotto

  • Adotta uno Spettacolo Project: Carla Manzon

  • Organisational and Administrative Co-ordination: Wally Furlan

  • Organisation: Chiara Mutton, Sara di Maio

  • Press Office: Cristina Savi, Algisa Gargano