Theatre reading from Soldados de Salamina and Anatomía de un instante by Javier Cercas
with Giuseppe Cederna and Bruno Arpaia
live music by Alberto Capelli
for Thesis/Dedicafestival

Event Partner: Friuladria Crédit Agricole

Who are the real heroes of our time? Do any heroes remain? If so, how have they changed? Do we still need them? One of the recurring themes which runs through all Javier Cercas’ works is that of heroism and the various forms that heroism assumes in these modern times.
Brecht wrote, “Pity the country that needs heroes”. And yet, inevitably, remorselessly, we continue to create them, imagine them. It’s just that “our heroes” are not like those of days gone by… The real heroes, perhaps, are elsewhere.
Giuseppe Cederna and Bruno Arpaia revisit this question on the stage using excerpts from the Spanish author’s novels: from the unknown hero Antoni Miralles in Soldados de Salamina, to the “heroes of betrayal” in Anatomía de un instante, the words of Cercas underline the link between individual and collective historical memories. His words are a powerful lesson in ethics and dignity.


Giuseppe Cederna
Stage and cinema actor Giuseppe Cederna has for many years contributed to the daily newspaper “la Repubblica”, the periodical “L’Espresso”, and various travel magazines including “I Meridiani”. In cinema, he has worked with renowned directors such as Bellocchio, Monicelli, Comencini, Scola, Salvatores and Chiesa. Books published in Italy include “Il grande viaggio” (2004), “Ticino. Le voci del fiume. Storie di acqua e di terra” (2009) and “Piano americano” (2011).

Wednesday 20 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission €8.00 (numbered seats)