Screening of the documentary film by Francesco Conversano and
Nene Grignaffini (2007)
with commentary by the authors and Tahar Ben Jelloun

Partire, ritornare is the story of a people migrating on foot from the African continent. Every year, thousands of Moroccans and Maghrebis flee their cities and villages and trek by various routes towards Europe. This documentary describes the world of these migrants, starting from their home towns, where massive unemployment makes it impossible for them to remain. Europe is a mirage – almost an obsession – for many young people, who are convinced that departure from their home is the only possible way of living a normal and dignified life; however, for many of them, leaving their homes will mean that have no future. Writer Tahar Ben Jelloun acts as our “guide” in this trip through Morocco, to Tangiers, to Marrakesh and to the village of M’Zonda. Through his eyes and words, we can come into contact with the microcosms from which the migrants depart, whether temporarily or permanently, and we discover their living conditions and their cultural and religious identities.


Francesco Conversano and Nene Grignaffini
are the authors and directors of documentary films and, since 1980, have worked with the production company Movie Movie.
Movie Movie
, a small studio in the heart of Bologna, is well-known for the constant and passionate care it takes in producing its films, in which the company has experimented in new forms of expression and different narrative formats. Conversano and Grignaffini have at all times focused on “artistic documentaries” as an instrument that can be used to investigate the collective imagination and recount the stories of our times. Their many works include  portrayals of Italian and international writers and their “Diari di viaggio” (Travel Diaries), including Fra il Danubio e il mare. Il mondo di Claudio Magris; Due o tre cose che so di lei. Tonino Guerra and la Romagna; Dove la bellezza non si annoia mai. A Bologna with Tahar Ben Jelloun; Passeggiate romane. Diario di viaggio di Mo Yan.

Monday 10 March, 20:45

Foyer of the Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theatre

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2

Free admission