(Cugina K)
Stage reading from the short story by Yasmina Khadra
dramatization and direction: Mario Perrotta
with Mario Perrotta
Thesis/Dedicafestival exclusive


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A young man without a name spends his life in a village “in which there is nothing, where the gnomes that live there do nothing but age, as they are unable to grow”. In his past is the death of his father, killed as a traitor on the “eve of the Great Day” (the Algerian revolution). In his present the shadow of a haughty mother incapable of emotion hangs over him and the obsessive memory of his elusive cousin K. In his frenzies the man evokes this legendary, persecutory figure, as regal and loved as he is awkward and neglected. Unforgiving of himself, he remembers the vexations she suffered, turning over in his mind still-frames of the past, like twisting a knife into a wound.
Mario Perrotta, director and co-starrer in the performance, lends a painful intensity to the story of the impossible redemption of a man scarred forever by indifference and absence of love.


Mario Perrotta
Author, filmmaker and actor, the performance Italiani cìncali marked him as one of the most intriguing artists of his generation. He has written and performed for radio and television and published work for Fandango Libri and Terre di Mezzo. He wrote and directed Opera migrante for the Lirico Theatre in Spoleto. The awards he has received include the “Hystrio Award for dramatic Art 2009” for Odissea, the “Ubu 2011 Special Award” for Trilogia sull’individuo sociale, the “Ubu Award” for Best Actor in 2013 with Un bès – Antonio Ligabue and with the same play “Hystrio-Twister Award 2014” as Best Performance of the year according to the public. His three-year project on the figure of Antonio Ligabue received acknowledgement as an event of nationwide interest from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the 2015 Critics’ Prize from the Italian National Association of Theatre Critics and the 2015 Ubu Award as Best Artistic and Organisational Project. His new project is a two-part work on the Great War, chosen by Radio3 to commemorate the centenary of the conflict. The first part, “Milite Ignoto-quindicidiciotto”, has been included by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers amongst the official events of the centenary. His works have been translated and performed abroad in several languages and in high-profile settings, including the 2015 Avignon Festival.

Thursday 10 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission € 8.00, numbered seat