Conversation with Yasmina Khadra curated by Fabio Gambaro


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In keeping with tradition, the festival is opened with a conversation with its protagonist. Talking to Yasmina Khadra will be cultural journalist Fabio Gambaro, who will be introducing him to the public and revealing his profile as an intellectual concerned with the problems of the contemporary world, his view on literature and the significance of his writing.
Further information on these topics can be found in the monograph that accompanies the festival every year. The publication offers an enlightening interview with the writer, edited again by Fabio Gambaro, and an unreleased short story, Wadigazen, which Yasmina Khadra has kindly made available to Dedica.


The Dedica a Yasmina Khadra book edited by Fabio Gambaro, is available for purchase at the price of € 5.00 during the event or through this website (Books Section).


Fabio Gambaro
Fabio Gambaro is an essayist and the Paris cultural correspondent for major Italian and French dailies and periodicals (“la Repubblica”, “Le Monde”). A keen observer of the cultural and social reality of modern-day Italy, he has written Neoavanguardia (1993), Colloquio con Edoardo Sanguineti (1993) and Surrealismo (1996). Of particular interest is Dalla parte degli editori (2001) in which he proposes a series of interviews with a considerable number of publishers, professionals in the industry and intellectuals, and L’Italie par ses écrivains (2002), published in France, in which writers such as Umberto Eco, Vincenzo Consolo, Claudio Magris, Rosetta Loy, Andrea Camilleri, Alessandro Baricco and Bruno Arpaia lead the reader through their reflections to learn about Italy: «A journey read out aloud – one critic wrote – far away from the usual clichés». In 2015 L’amico scrittore was published (Feltrinelli), written together with Daniel Pennac.

Saturday 5 March, 16:30

Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theatre

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2

Free admission