The two voices of Khadra
Screening of documentary by Régine Abadia
introduced by a reading by Yasmina Khadra
in conjunction with CINEMAZERO

A writer is first and foremost a man, a family, a vocation, a story. This is the idea we read between the lines in the documentary by Régine Abadia Yasmina and Mohammed. The two voices of Khadra.
A sort of road-movie between Algeria and France, this long-length film wends its way like a journey into the complex, fascinating personality of Yasmina Khadra, giving an account of the personal adventure of the famous author: his peculiar human story, his life choices and the meaning of his works, set against the background in particular of the history of Algeria after independence.


Régine Abadia
Film director, screenwriter and photographer Régine Abadia made her first short film, Premièr Outrage, in 1985 (Canal+ Award at the Festival de Villeurbanne). She then shot several short and mid-length films which have received acknowledgements in various festivals. Amongst these Les Bêtes won the Grand Prix du Festival de science fiction et de l’imaginaire de Roanne in 1993. She has also produced a broad range of documentaries as well as Yasmina & Mohammed (2012): Jenny Bel’Air (2007), La tête à l’envers (Arte, 2005), Pourquoi marcher quand on peut rouler? (Arte, 2001), Dalida, chez nous soyez reine (France 2, 2002), Pigalle nuit et jour (Arte, 2000), The Spirit of Gospel (Arte, 1998). Beside working as a film director, she writes screenplays and practises her profession as a photographer, often working on various film production sets.

Saturday 5 March, 20:45

Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theatre

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2

Free admission