Stage reading from the novel
Dead poets do not write mystery stories by Björn Larsson
with Massimo Somaglino, Giuliana Musso and Igi Meggiorin


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Una specie di giallo is the ironic sub-title given to Björn Larsson’s I poeti morti non scrivono gialli, which describes many different worlds and many different views, reflecting with refinement and depth on the art of writing, on truth and fiction, and on the artifice and necessities of the craft. The world of publishing, true poetry, the rigorous nature of the art, and a little truth mixed with a touch of creative invention are the main ingredients of this absorbing work which with a deft touch helps the reader to discover the hidden associations and truths which lie behind the façade.


Massimo Somaglino
actor, author and director, has worked with Giuliana Musso on a series of highly-successful productions: Nati in casa, Sexmachine and Tanti saluti, and appeared in Zitto, Menocchio!CerciventoAchtung banditi!Indemoniate. He also directed the short Up/down and the medium-length Carnia 1944. He dressed as a female for the play La vita non è un film di Doris Day, and directed L’ùali di Diu, a version of Miklós Hubay’s Elnemulas in the dialect of Carnia; Somaglino also wrote and directed Tre giovini, from Novella Cantarutti, and co-wrote and staged BBQ-Tre uomini alla griglia and Suite in forma di rosa. He recently appeared in Afghanistan directed by Elio De Capitani and Ferdinando Bruni of the Teatro dell’Elfo.


Giuliana Musso
actress, researcher and author, winner of the Critics’ Prize in 2005, is one of Italy’s leading figures in the area of narrative/investigative theatre – a form of theatrical art laying to the border with investigative journalism, between the investigation and the poetry, the report and the humor. A poetic vein runs through all Musso’s works: Nati in casa, Sexmachine e Tanti saluti (a trilogy describing the ‘fundamentals’ of life), Indemoniate (based on a real-life case of mass hysteria which took place towards the end of the 19th century), Dreams (on the problems of indebtedness), La Base (describing the construction of the U.S. military base in Vicenza). La fabbrica dei preti, her latest and perhaps most intense effort, which serves as a mouthpiece for those who lived in Italian seminaries before the Second Vatican Council. She is currently appearing in Wonder Women, a reading which portrays women, money and superpowers, written by and featuring Antonella Questa, Giuliana Musso and Marta Cuscunà.


Gianluigi “Igi” Meggiorin
is an actor, comedian and musician. His artistic beginnings were as a guitarist, and his love of music blossomed into the study of a number of different instruments which later merged with his love of the theatre. He studied in Bristol and starred in “the fool” (Act of Life directed by Frankie Anderson). He trained as a clown, comedian and cabaret artist, winning the “Sarchiapone” in Cervia and the “Pelago buskers” award in 1997. Meggiorin composes music for the theatre, for the circus and also for his musical comedy trio “Igicleb”. Since 2008 he has been working with La Piccionaia-I Carrara in Vicenza as a comic actor.

Monday 13 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission €8,00 (numbered seats)