Sophie Zelmani, vocals
Lars Halapi, guitar and keyboards
Thomas Axelsson, bass
Peter Korhonen, drums


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The songs of Sophie Zelmani are deceptively simple, with frequent pauses between the actual notes, sung in a softly vibrant voice and with a simple accompaniment in which the instruments create an atmosphere almost of complicity. Her lyrics – she takes much of her inspiration from some of the great singer-songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Neil Young – are in some ways dry and laconic, but also unusually perceptive, describing places, feelings and persons in a world that she is able to portray with great sensitivity and perceptiveness.


Sophie Zelmani
was born in Stockholm on 12 February, 1972. She began to study guitar and compose her first songs at the age of fourteen. Her musical partnership with guitarist Lars Halapi resulted in her first album Sophie Zelmani (1996), which brought her to the attention of the Swedish public (she won two Swedish Grammy Awards, as “best new artist” and “best pop singer”) and brought her a degree of international recognition in Japan, Europe and the United States. She is a refined and perceptive singer-songwriter whose recorded output continued, after her debut album, with Precious Burden (1998), Time To Kill (1999), Sing and Dance (2002), Love Affair (2003), A Decade Of Dreams (2005), Memory Loves You (2005), The Ocean And Me (2008), I’m The Rain (2010), Soul (2012), Going Home (2014), Everywhere (2014) and Bright Eyes (2015).


Concert organized in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Sexto-festival Sexto ‘nplugged and with BPM Concerti

Saturday 18 March, 20:30

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission € 15,00 (numbered seats)