Collateral Events


Dinner with the author and stage reading from Björn Larsson’s novel
presented by Luca Crovi
recited by Gigio Alberti
with the participation of Björn Larsson

From one Larsson’s best-selling novels, an adventure story rich in suspense. A tale of pirates, smoke-filled taverns, treasure, boarding parties, stormy seas and dead calms, but also describing the slave trade, smugglers and the atrocious conditions in which the sailors lived. An evening of culinary delights and literary culture during which participants can share flavours and emotions.


Luigi “Gigio” Alberti
was born in Milan in 1956, After graduating from the Paolo Grassi Theatre School, he started his career with the Teatro dell’Elfo, where he acted in a number of plays: Prevertimento directed by Paolo Rossi, La commedia da due lire directed by Giampiero Solari, Gli insospettabili directed by Enzo Monteleone, and, under the direction of Gabriele Salvatores, ComediansCafè Procope and El Dorado. He also worked with the OutOff Theatre in Milan and with Lorenzo Loris, working in the area of contemporary drama and staging the works of Orton, Williams, Pinter, Beckett, Garcia, Baldini and Erba. Apart from his work in the theatre, Alberti was very busy in films. He had parts in, among others, films directed by Gabriele Salvatores (KamikazenMarrakech ExpressMediterraneo – which won an Oscar in 1992 – SudNirvana and Quo vadis baby?), Cristina Comencini (Matrimoni), Francesca Archibugi (I promessi sposi), Gialappa’s (Tutti gli uomini del deficiente), Marco Bellocchio (L’ora di religione), Silvio Soldini (Cosa voglio di più), Paolo Virzì (Il capitale umano and 4-4-2-Il gioco più bello del mondo), Carlo Virzì (L’estate del mio primo bacio), Laura Morante (Assolo). He also had parts in films for television including ZanzibarCuore di GhiaccioNon uccidereI Liceali and in the sit-com All Stars.

Saturday 11 March, 20:00

Ristorante Fossa Mala

Fiume Veneto (Pordenone) - Via Bassi, 81

08.00 p.m.
Admission €35.00
Reservations required and payment in advance