Dedicated to children


Children’s theatre
written and directed by Luca Ciancia
featuring Luca Follini, Vladimir Todisco Grande and Massimiliano Zanellati
produced by Ditta Gioco Fiaba, Milan

An adventure comedy which weaves together Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure IslandThe True Story of Long John Silver by Björn Larsson and L’Isola del Tesoro – Il ragazzo rapito by Mino Milani and Hugo Pratt.


The historical figure of the pirate has always been the symbol of a life of freedom and adventure – one which is totally unacceptable from a moral standpoint, but at the same time this was a fascinating period in which valour and courage were the true pillars in a man’s life. The youthful Jim – the antithesis of the cruel and simplistic Black Dog – is the main character in a story replete with doubts and questions, one which represents his path to adulthood.


Ditta Gioco Fiaba
is a children’s theatre company founded in 1993, and has been recognized by Italy’s Theatre Commission as a professional theatre company since 1998. After an initial period of activity in the field of amateur dramatics and storytelling, they company began to produce its own performances. Today its repertory comprises about ten shows, and the company also organizes numerous children’s theatrical activities in and around Milan.

Tuesday 14 March, 09:00

Auditorium Concordia

Pordenone - Via Interna, 2

Admission for schools only