Dedicated to children


Animated literature laboratory
coordinated by the “0432” Cultural Association

Two laboratory projects have been created for the Festival by the “0432” Cultural Association as a proposal for teaching students of Comprehensive Schools in Pordenone the art of literature, by recounting the Afghan culture and way of life, but presented in the form of traditional fables or original stories. Narrations, readings with musical accompaniment, screenings and facts about Afghanistan will be completed by a reading from the book Compte comme moi! by Atiq Rahimi, whose theme is in alignment with the need for peaceful co-existence and acceptance of cultural differences that the project supports through the various narrative languages.


Associazione 0432
The Association was formed in 2009 as a continuance of the ten years of work by the Associazione culturale 0432 Théâtre Numérique, which works in the area of educational activities for adults and children through the use of a variety of forms of communication – narrative, body language and contact with nature. The objectives of the Association include the promotion of literature, children’s rights, artistic expression as part of growth, sustainability and a multi-cultural society based on respect for and listening to others.

From 5 to 23 March


Primary and Lower Middle Schools.