Film by Atiq Rahimi
with Golshifteh Farahani and Hamid Djavadan, Massi Mrowat,
Hassina Burgan
France, Germany, Afghanistan 2012, 102 min.
introduction by Riccardo Costantini and Atiq Rahimi

“In a bare room, a man lies on the floor, immobile as if in a coma, with his young wife kneeling beside him, lovingly assisting him, as she speaks to him with increasing harshness, while outside the house there are the cannons, ruined houses, dust, tanks, dead bodies that litter Kabul.
The terrifying yet fascinating truth of Come pietra paziente (The Patience Stone) stems from these painful and desolate images, from the long, anguished monologue of the woman who, in recounting her own story, also recounts all the suffering, humiliation and rebellion of millions of women. (…)
This film, directed by Afghan film-maker Atiq Rahimi (screenplay by Rahimi with Jean-Claude Carrière) is based on his novel Pietra di pazienza (The Patience Stone), winner of the Prix Goncourt in 2008, which is one of those extraordinary works that the cinema offers up occasionally to force us to reflect on the suffering that exists in the world – in this case, the oppression of women, who in patriarchal societies are denied any rights and dominated by sexual frustration and religious tyranny”.
(Natalia Aspesi, “la Repubblica”, 28 March, 2013)


Riccardo Costantini
Riccardo Costantini is a cultural expert and works for Cinemazero in Pordenone, where he is director of events and of the real-life cinema festival “Le Voci dell’Inchiesta”. He was previously a lecturer in Audiovisual Teaching Techniques at the Faculty of the Science of Training at the University of Trieste. He has curated a number of monographs on the subject of the cinema and photography (Fellini, Bergman, Losey, Moretti, Pasolini…). He is the author of numerous essays and has held courses and conferences on subjects relating to the world of cinema.

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