Dedicated to children


(Storie d’Oriente)
journey through stories by the 0432 Cultural Association

The project developed for Primary Schools builds on the cultural formation of Mathias Énard and his eclectic personality as art historian, scholar and translator of Arabic and Persian.

Travelling companions are a number of beautiful illustrated big books, suitable for the various age groups of very young readers. Images and projections from Le mille e una storia d’Oriente by Luigi Dal Cin to Le storie più belle delle Mille e una notte by Silvia Roncaglia to the original C’era una volta in Persia by Daniela Tieni, for the youngest (aged 6-8), will be proposed, with readings of passages also taken from the book Mangée, mangée, the only book by Énard for infants, which provides a particular reinterpretion of folk tales.

Readers aged 9 to 12 years will be able to follow a journey between imaginary and historical facts through the stories of the Dutch author Ole Lund Kierkegaard, author of the novel Il tappeto volante del Bulgistan and illustrated big books Il pesciolino nero and Oltre il giardino. This fascinating itinerary provides an introduction to the atmospheres of the novel by Mathias Énard Tell them of Battles, Kings, and Elephants where the author mixes historical truth – the requests made to Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to submit projects for the Galata Bridge in Istanbul by Sultan Bayezid II – with adventure, intrigue, relations and Oriental magic.


The Primary Schools in Pordenone taking part to the project: Da Vinci, De Amicis, Gozzi, Grigoletti, Lombardo Radice, Narvesa, Odorico da Pordenone, Rosmini.


Associazione 0432
This Association was founded in 2009 to continue the work of the Associazione Culturale 0432 Théâtre Numérique in its educational activities for adults and children using different “languages”, including storytelling, bodily expression and contact with Nature. The aims of the Association are to promote reading, children’s rights, artistic expression as a path of personal growth, sustainability, and a multi-cultural society based on respect for and awareness of others.

February to May 2022

Primary Schools