Dedica for School


Dedica project for Schools

Bringing Words to the Stage
This course has been created with the purpose of bringing Dedica into contact with the “Adotta uno Spettacolo” (Adopt a Show) project, which is an opportunity to meet an internationally-famous writer and to discover how the divergence between literature and the theatre can be reduced almost entirely to nothing.
Coordinated by Anna Maria Manfredelli.



Graphics and Images for Paco
From literature to art, a journey whose final destination is the creation of a cover image for a hypothetical novel by Taibo II, inspired by one of the three detectives featured in many of the writer’s best-loved detective novels.
Coordinated by Giulio de Vita and Anna Maria Manfredelli.



Europe and the Young 2005
As part of the “Europa e giovani 2005” International Competition, the Regional Institute for European Studies has established the “Dedica” special prize.

Info: Centro Cultura Pordenone