The Festival

By building on the engagement and work of high-profile personalities from national and international culture, the Dedica initiative aims to present a pathway that is not meant to be celebratory but provides an opportunity for in-depth study and travel through the geographical and cultural landscapes of the featured author. An itinerary to see, hear, get to know and recognise others through their thoughts, places and emotions, to break through confines into different languages and modes of artistic expression.


Promoted and organised by the Thesis Cultural Association and Assoprosa Pordenone, in collaboration with public and private bodies, the featured author of the eleventh edition of Dedica will be Paco Ignacio Taibo II, a Mexican writer and historian, who centres his writing round the themes of civil passion and memories. A teller of stories about his land – and through these about the contradictions between the first and third world – his works weave together events classically definable as “gendered” with social and political events from the Latin-American continent’s recent history.


Dedica 2005, following in Taibo’s footsteps, will therefore propose a journey into territory of passion and memories, using as well as writing, the media of theatre, cinema, drawing, dance and music. An itinerary in nine stages, into imagination, art and emotions