The Festival

Promoted and organised by the Thesis Cultural Association with the support of public and private bodies, the Dedica festival is centred around a person of national or international culture; a “dedicated” festival that is not meant to be celebratory but aims, starting from the engagement and works of the featured author, to provide an opportunity for travel through specific cultural and geographical areas. A festival that is, in substance, a thematic cultural itinerary to see, hear, get to know and recognise others through their thoughts, places and emotions, to break through confines into different languages and modes of artistic expression.


West and East. Stories of realism with no illusions. This will be the main theme of the twelfth edition of Dedica. A thread woven by Anita Desai with which to knot stories from her world and ours, from East and West and their microcosms, stories that combine capacity for understanding with piety, stories that are at the same time light and profound, never pathetic, at times bitter, always realistic and provide no illusions.

It will offer an opportunity for a new journey amongst voices, words, sounds and images, accompanied by the keen, composite gaze of a writer who reflects her Indian origins, her mother’s German roots, her writing in English and life on the American continent.


“Dedica a Anita Desai” has received many awards, including the Silver Medal of the President of the Republic.