Dedica for School


In addition to the events on the festival calendar, the Dedica festival also includes a series of special programmes aimed specifically at students.
Together with the regular events, these special programmes offer young people a unique opportunity to get to know some of the most important writers on the international scene, as well as the countries they come from.

The scene of the word is a special section of the “Adotta uno spettacolo” (Adopt a show) project by the Associazione per la Prosa (Association for Prose), addressed to secondary school students and sponsored by the Province of Pordenone.
The students will learn about the personality of Amos Oz by studying his origins, reading some of his most significant works and analysing the key themes that he deals with, and through participation in the events of the festival. They will meet the author, and will participate in a writing workshop where they can use whatever text genre they prefer to focus on important aspects or emotionally intense moments of this experience.



Words and images for Amos Oz is a competition for secondary school students, sponsored by the Province of Pordenone. Students will be actively involved, and will be asked to translate the impressions they receive from reading Amos Oz’s novels, short stories and essays into whatever form they prefer.


There will be two sections:

Writing: production of a brief essay, presenting either a critique of the work read or a more subjective response, or a combination of both;


Visual: creation of a book cover for a hypothetical book by Amos Oz, done in any medium, using any technique (graphics, computer graphics, collage, photography, painting etc.).



Dedica special prize is a special Dedica award, reserved for university students, instituted by the Comune of Pordenone as a part of the competition Europa e Giovani (Europe and Young People) promoted by the IRSE – Istituto Regionale Studi Europei (Regional Institute for European Studies). The prize will be awarded to the author of the best essay on the difficult relations between the Arab and Israeli cultures, as expressed in the works of Amos Oz.