Conversation with Amos Oz, Elena Loewenthal and Marino Sinibaldi


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Now in its thirteenth year, the Dedica Festival returns to the Mediterranean, to the rugged shores of the works and writings of Amos Oz.


As usual, the Festival does not aim to celebrate, but rather to propose a virtual journey through the cultural and geographical landscape suggested by the commitment and the works of the chosen author. A rich cultural itinerary will include seminars, music, theatre, exhibitions and cinema. It will enable the visitor to see, to feel, to know, to make comparisons with the thoughts and emotions, as well as the places of another person.


Conflicts and compromises: This is the common thread running through Dedica to Amos Oz. Conflicts and compromises in public and private life, in the life of each of us, and in the geopolitical situation of the writer’s native land – Israel – but also of many other lands, near and far. Compromises to end conflicts, to plan for a peace built on dialogue, held together with culture and reason.


A conversation with Amos Oz, protagonist of the thirteenth edition of the Dedica Festival, will be the starting point of this year’s festival. All those who wish to begin this new cultural journey will have a chance to enter immediately into the writer’s world. With him will be Marino Sinibaldi and Elena Loewenthal, curator of publication.


The monograph produced during the course of the programme organised and promoted by Thesis, will introduce the reader into the varied world of the writer and his life. It tells of the Arad desert, the city of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the kibbutz, and also of Europe and Palestine. The author writes, in an autobiographical strain, about Zionism and political protest through militant writing. Key themes are memory and nostalgia, the pleasure of reading and the difficulties of writing, and peace, not only of the individual but also of the community.
The volume also contains an original work by Amos Oz, previously unpublished in Italy, in addition to a complete biography and bibliography.


Elena Loewenthal
journalist and essayist, has worked for many years on the traditional texts and literature of Israel. She writes for “La Stampa” as an editorialist on cultural and social matters. Her first novel, Lo strappo dell’anima, won the Grinzane Cavour Prize in the first novel category.


Marino Sinibaldi
essayist, critic, author and television and radio host (creator of the cultural programme Fahrenheit for Radio3). He has published essays on sociology and literary criticism and was one of the founders of the magazine Linea d’ombra. At present he is the deputy director of Radio Rai Tre.

Saturday 3 March, 16:30

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2