Theatrical reading from the story by Amos Oz
with Giuseppe Cederna
and with Gianluigi Fogacci, Melania Giglio, Alfonso Veneroso
directed by Daniele Salvo
original music by Marco Podda
video images by Giandomenico Musu
produced by Thesis/Dedicafestival


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The story of Hans Kipnis, as told by his son Hillel, starts from a small, apparently insignificant event. It tells how a life can change unexpectedly, during an evening at the theatre… How an unexpected circumstance can alter the course of fate… The story of Hans Kipnis’s family is a common one, “normal” in Israel, but the invitation to the “Hill of Evil Counsel” will disrupt their lives.


Amos Oz narrates this story masterfully. His writing touches on the problems and the anxieties of an entire nation. One can identify with his characters humbly and meekly, listening to the prayer call of the muezzin and the magical chant of the Hassidim, discovering an unknown Jerusalem, coming face to face with Israelis and Palestinians, Muslims and Jew, religious and non-religious… One can look on without fear, openly and lovingly, and ascertain how similar all people and all stories really are, and how they converge to a single point, a single destiny, unknown to us all.
It is not places that determine our destiny. Rather, it is the projection of our own weak and miserable follies that create the tragedy.
We are our own tragedy.


Giuseppe Cederna
theatre and cinema actor, has collaborated for many years with publications such as “la Repubblica”  column “Viaggi”, “I Meridiani”, “L’Espresso” and “Gente Viaggi”. He has made films with Bellocchio, Monicelli, Comencini, Scola, Salvatores and Guido Chiesa. In 2004 he published Il grande viaggio (The Great Journey) which has been adapted for the stage as his most recent theatrical work.


Gianluigi Fogacci
has worked in theatrical productions with Ronconi, Gassman and Stein, among others, and in films with Bellocchio, Grimaldi and Salerno. He has also had roles in numerous television serials.


Melania Giglio
graduated from the Scuola di Teatro del Teatro Stabile di Torino directed by Luca Ronconi. She has worked in cinema, theatre and television, does dubbing work, and also sings, with concerts of gospel music and recitals dedicated to Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht to her credit.


Alfonso Veneroso
graduated from the Scuola di Teatro del Teatro Stabile di Torino directed by Luca Ronconi. He has worked with De Capitani, Ronconi, Lievi and Battistini. He has experience in cinema and television, and has also worked as a director.


Daniele Salvo
is an actor as well as director of theatrical and radio productions. He has performed in numerous productions directed by Luca Ronconi, Cherif, Micha van Hoecke and Jacques Lassalle, among others. He has worked as assistant director to Jacques Lasalle, and is currently collaborating with Luca Ronconi in the direction of Edward Bond’s Acts of War: a trilogy.


Marco Podda
born in Trieste in 1963, is the founder and director of the “Cappella Tergestina”. He also directs the “Kodesh-Vechol Group” and the “Schola Cantorum St. Eymard” of Trieste.

Monday 5 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13