Dedica for School


Once again Dedica festival, with the support of the Province and the Municipality of Pordenone, gives special attention to the new generations and the youth. Three specific programmes addressed to secondary school students will offer them the opportunity of getting to know the foremost voices of the international literary scene

The scene of the word
The programme includes: getting to know more deeply Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s personality through an approach to his world and the reading of his most significant works; the participation in the most important festival events; the meeting with the author. Concurrently, students will take part in a writing workshop, in which they are asked to focus on the most significant aspects or moments of the cultural experience they have gone through.


Words and images for Hans Magnus Enzensberger
This proposal aims at getting the youth actively involved. They will be requested to translate the impressions they receive from reading some of the author’s works into whatever form they prefer, be it a short written essay or the creation of a cover image for a hypothetical book by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, with free choice among graphics, computer graphics, collage, photography, painting.


Dedica Special Prize
Instituted by the Municipality of Pordenone as part of “Europe and the youth 2010” contest promoted by IRSE – Istituto Regionale Studi Europei (Regional Institute for European Studies), and reserved for university students, the prize will be awarded to the author of the best short essay on Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s work.