The Festival

Dedica is a festival featuring a unique structure: in fact, it is built around only one author, thus offering the opportunity of deepening the knowledge of his/her work, through the interweaving of different artistic languages and expressions.

In two weeks’ time, a sequence of conversations, exhibitions, shows, conferences, music, becomes an organic journey of reflection about the dedicatee’s work, thinking and cultural sphere.


The protagonist of the festival eighteenth edition is one of the great intellectual figures of our time: Wole Soyinka, Nigerian, first African Nobel Prize in Literature, universally well-known also for his civil commitment. “Writing for human dignity”: this will be the leitmotiv of the festival, dedicated to an author who is an extraordinary example of literary talent and civil courage, of pride for his own roots and love for freedom; an author who, loyal to his creed “Dignity cannot exist without freedom” – always fought against the injustice and deviances of power. He still is at the forefront in the fight against fanaticism and fundamentalisms.”


Promoted and organized by Thesis Cultural Association, Dedica project is supported by institutions and public bodies, particularly by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, by the Province of Pordenone and by some important private establishments: Electrolux, Coop Consumatori Nord Est, Banca Popolare FriulAdria, Unipol UGF Assicurazioni, Venchiaredo.


“Dedica to Wole Soyinka” was awarded the Silver Medal of the Italian Republic President.