Dedicated to children


Workshop of animated readings
organized by Associazione Culturale 0432

Two workshop projects have been organized for the festival by the Associazione friulana 0432 for students of Comprehensive Schools in Pordenone, as a method of encouraging them to read narrative concerning Nicaragua, the home country of Gioconda Belli.
Each of the projects consists of an introductory section and a teaching section, in which the students can see material laid out using different sources and different languages and which help them to gain a better understanding of life in Nicaragua. And of course, as part of her main body of work, Gioconda Belli has included works aimed at the younger audience, publishing three stories, each in the form of an illustrated comic book (the latest one, published very recently, is available only in Spanish at this time). Each workshop ends with a reading from one of the books by the author; each tale is part allegory and part fable, and closely linked to Nicaragua and to the historical, geographical and cultural image depicted in the two projects.
Participants include the Da Vinci, Gozzi, Rosmini, Lombardo Radice, Narvesa and Odorico primary schools in Pordenone and the Lozer, Pasolini and Centro Storico di Pordenone middle schools.


Associazione 0432
This Association was founded in 2009 to continue the work of the Associazione Culturale 0432 Théâtre Numérique in its educational activities for adults and children using different “languages”, including storytelling, bodily expression and contact with Nature. The aims of the Association are to promote reading, children’s rights, sustainability, and a multi-cultural society based on respect for and awareness of others.

From 31 January to 15 March

Elementary and lower high schools


Event reserved for elementary and lower high schools