Conversation with Niccolò Locatelli and Alfredo Luis Somoza
hosted by Cristiano Riva

Latin America could be a major player in world geopolitics, after going through more than three centuries under the domination of Europe’s great powers and then, for almost all the 1900s, being seen as a sort of extension of the United States. But Latin America continues to exist as a universe in which democracy remains elusive, the economies are hanging in the balance between underdevelopment and growth and social disparities are rampant. There are many causes for this precarious situation, but the main reason is that for so many years the fate of the Latin American countries was determined between the military barracks and the town squares, between the subversive actions of the armed forces and the demagogic populism of both the left and the right.


Niccolò Locatelli
Niccolò Locatelli is a coordinator for Limesonline, the website operated by Italian geopolitical magazine Limes. Locatelli, an aficionado of Latin America, has worked for Limes since 2010, after graduating from the Forlì faculty of the University of Bologna with a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, with a thesis on the rôle of China in Latin America. As well as working with Limes and Limesonline, he has also contributed articles to Ispi, the Aspen Institute, and Quartz. He also wrote a chapter for the book China and India in Asia: Paving the Way for a New Balance of Power (2014).


Alfredo Luis Somoza
Alfredo Luis Somoza is an Italian Argentine journalist and author, and is president of the Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale (ICEI) in Milan and director of the online magazine and the web radio Young Radio.
Somoza contributes to Radio Popolare, Radio Vaticana, Radio Capodistria and Radio inBlu, and runs a blog on Huffington Post as well as working with the magazine EastWest.
His latest books include Il viaggio e l’incontro. Che cos’è il turismo responsabile (Altreconomia, 2016), Sinistra desaparecida. Sud America: la crisi delle forze progressiste (Castelvecchi, 2017) and, with Gabriella Saba, Un continente da favola. Trenta leggendarie storie latinoamericane (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2018).


Cristiano Riva
Cristiano Riva was born in Trieste in 1961, and graduated from the University of Trieste in Classical Literature and Literary Studies, being awarded a research doctorate in Geohistory and Geo-economics of the Border Regions. As a researcher in Geopolitics, he has worked with the Universities of Pola, Trieste and Udine, also teaching and taking part in conferences for a number of organizations and associations. He now teaches Latin and Greek at the Leopardi-Majorana High School in Pordenone.

Wednesday 13 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

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