Scenic reading from the book of the same name by Hisham Matar
dramaturgy and direction by Mario Perrotta
with Mario Perrotta

As a youth, Nuri has already faced loss. After the death of his mother when he was ten years old he found himself alone with a strong and enigmatic father. After two years, he meets the beautiful Mona and in the first throes of desire he is convinced that she call fill the void in his life. However, the young lady becomes enamoured of his father, and when she becomes his stepmother rather than his lover, his sense of loss returns. Why doesn’t his father step back? Then, one December night, his father actually disappears, and Nuri has to grapple with his feeling of guilt after his prophetic wish and learning to live with it. Thus begins a voyage through the places where his father had lived in the hope of finding something to ease his pain.



Mario Perrotta
Author, director and actor Mario Perrotta was born in Lecce in 1970. He writes and acts for radio and television and publishes works for Fandango Libri and Terre di mezzo.
With his show Italiani cìncali (2003), he was recognized as one of the most interesting artistes of his generation. His awards include the Hystrio 2009 drama award for Odissea, The Ubu Special Prize in 2011 for his Trilogia sull’individuo sociale, the Ubu Prize best actor award in 2013 for Un bès – Antonio Ligabue and Hystrio Twister prize in 2014 for best show of the year. His three-year project on Antonio Ligabue was recognized as an event of national interest by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Critics’ Prize awarded in 2015 by the National Association of Theatre Critics and the 2015 Ubu prize for Best artistic project. In 2015, his diptych dedicated to the Great War was selected by Radio3 to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War. Milite Ignoto – quindicidiciotto was among the official events chosen by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and one of the finalist in the Ubu 2015 prize as Best Italian newcomer.
His Lireta – a chi viene dal mare (part of the Versoterra project) made its debut in 2016, and was a finalist as Best Artistic Project at the Ubu awards in 2017. Between 2018 and 2020 he worked on the trilogy In nome del padre, della madre, dei figli, dedicated to millennial families. In nome del padre was a finalist in the Ubu Awards in 2019 as the Best new Italian script.

Wednesday 11 March, 20:45

Convento San Francesco

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Event in presence cancelled
Live recording postponed to November 21, 2020, 9:00 pm, broadcast online by the Dedica Festival YouTube Channel