Teatrical documentary with Miriam Selima Fieno
design, dramaturgy and directed by Paola Di Mitri
scripts by Khalifa Abo Khraisse, Giancarlo Fieno and Miriam Selima Fieno
documentary directed and produced by Davide Crudetti
original music by Teho Teardo

The theatrical documentary Libya. Back Home is a blend of theatre and cinema which uses video clips and live television cameras which, with its live direction and production, recounts a true story and, unlike a cinema documentary, features a live actor on the stage. The show follows Miriam Selima Fieno’s trip to Libya, during which she attempted to trace her North-African origins. Starting with a number of family documents, Miriam carried out a personal investigation, which was a radical experience. The story became her secret obsession and brought her into contact with the director and journalist, who lives and works in Tripoli, and was preparing for his own trip to Italy. The story recounts the friendship between Miriam and Khalifa and reconstructs both trips – Miriam’s to Libya and Khalifas to Italy – delving into the very heart of a family, social and political need, describing the still difficult relationship between Libya and Italy: a story of colonization, love and political turbulence that continues to this day.



La Ballata dei Lenna
A combined research and theatrical production founded by Nicola Di Chio, Paola Di Mitri and Miriam Fieno, began in 2012 at the “Nico Pepe” Civic Academy of Dramatic Arts in Udine, where the three artistes had trained and graduated. This group project focused on a study of the relationship between the community and its daily life, with the aim of highlighting the areas of friction in contemporary views. The productions staged by the Company include: La protesta, una fiaba italiana (2012), Cantare all’amore (2013), REALITalY (2014), Il paradiso degli idioti (2016), Human animal (2017) and Libya. Back Home (2018).

Friday 13 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission (numbered seats): €10.00


Event cancelled