Presentation of her new book
guest speakers: Assia Djebar, Egi Volterrani and Giovanna Zucconi

As is customary, the presentation of the monograph published for the event will open the review providing an opportunity to meet and get to know this year’s featured author and embark on the cultural journey with her proposed for Dedica’s ten-year anniversary.


The book “Dedica a Assja Djebar” is composed of several parts and opens with an interview made by Egi Volterrani that “investigates” Assia Djebar’s artistic and human journey. The objective of the long chat is to explore the many facets of the writer’s literary engagement and, at the same time, sketch her personality.
This is followed by pieces by Maria Nadotti (Tra volo e esplosione – La scrittura/spazio di Assia Djebar), Paola Bava (Tutte le lingue che porto in me. Viaggio nel territorio delle lingue di Assia Djebar) and Antonia Naim (Il cinema di Assia Djebar).
Maria Nadotti introduces one of the main themes of the works by Djebar: writing as a means of giving a voice to the noisy silence of Algerian women; writing like oxygen to be liberated, new space to be opened up; writing as a “custodian” of oral culture.
Paola Bava focuses his talk on the language conflict – Arabic and French – in Djebar; language as an essential part of one’s identity, the laceration of dual belonging and the search for a means of expression that overcomes the war between languages.
Antonia Naim analyses the film work of Assia Djebar for whom cinema is a complex space where text, poetry, silence, sounds, noises and songs can be represented and where the camera becomes the eye of the veiled woman.
A biography and bibliography complete the volume.

Saturday 6 March, 16:30

San Francesco Convent