Carlo Levi 1935-1936

Exhibition of painting by Carlo Levi
Inauguration of the exhibition
Presentation by Anita Desai, Stefano Levi della Torre and Giancarlo Pauletto

During this period he wrote Christ Stopped at Eboli: The Story of a Year (Cristo si è fermato a Eboli), one of the masterpieces of twentieth century Italian literature. He also painted a beautiful series of pictures in which he portrayed the Lucania countryside and the same peasant people that he so acutely described in his writing. A number of these significant works, in addition to others from the 1950s, which also draw on southern Italian themes, make up this small but select exhibition.


There is an affinity between Anita Desai and Carlo Levi not only because of the themes of some of her books, but also because of the interest that Anita Desai has shown for the deeper aspects of Carlo Levi’s artistic personality, which led her to write a forward for Words Are Stones, Impressions of Sicily, the English edition of Levi’s Le parole sono pietre.


This “fortuitous” bridge between Anita Desai and Carlo Levi led to the original idea, and to the consequent realization, of this exhibition.


The exhibition is promoted by the Civico Museo D’Arte of Pordenone, with the collaboration of the Carlo Levi Foundation in Rome.


Carlo Levi
physician, painter and writer, was born in Turin in 1902. In 1935, because of his antifascist activities, he was interned in a remote town in Lucania, in southern Italy.


Stefano Levi della Torre
painter and essayist, is Carlo Levi’s nephew. He lives and works in Milan, and teaches in the Architecture Department of the Milan Polytechnic. He has published: Mosaico. Attualità e inattualità degli ebrei (1994), Essere fuori luogo. Il dilemma ebraico tra diaspora e ritorno (1995) and Errare e perseverare. Ambiguità di un giubileo (2000), Zone di Turbolenza (2003).


Giancarlo Pauletto
is an art critic and art historian, and is active in the area of the visual arts at the Centro di Iniziative Culturali (Centre for Cultural Projects) of Pordenone. He has curated exhibitions, catalogues and monographs for the city’s Museo Civico, for the Province of Pordenone, and for public and private institutions.

Saturday 11 March, 18:00

Palazzo Ricchieri

Pordenone - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 51