Passage between East and West. Looking both ways.
Day of Study on post-colonial literature

The presence of Anita Desai and her work at the Dedica Festival has made it possible to organize a day of study that will focus on post-colonial literature and its relationship to language, style and identity.


This “breath of the earth”, as Édouard Glissant says, constitutes a complex interweaving of elements, free of rules, that can bring together things which would appear to have nothing in common, such as chaos theory and the irresistible, unpredictable and inspiring riches of the relationships between the cultures and the peoples of today’s world.


The starting point for this day of study is the idea of the gharana – an artist’s workshop, in Urdu – where teachers, scholars, students and the interested public can examine, compare and discuss.


Enrolment, free of charge, is required. Applications for enrolment should be made as far as possible in advance.
The day of study project is promoted with the support of the Province of Pordenone and the sponsorship of the University of Udine.


Participants will include
Silvia Albertazzi University of Bologna
Shaul Bassi University of Venezia
Lidia Curti University of Napoli
Liliana Ellena University of Torino
Alessandro Grossato University of Perugia
Antonella Riem University of Udine
Paola Splendore University of Roma
Coordinators Anna Nadotti and Antonella Riem

Friday 10 March, 10:30

Palazzo Montereale Mantica

Pordenone - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 56